March 2-3, 2017

We left our Vegas Airbnb at the very reasonable time of 10am. A short Uber to the airport later, we were in the security line, which was also short. We’d shown up 3 hours early for our international flight, and got to do a lot of sitting around as a result. (I will still show up early next time, because I much prefer sitting around killing time over being stressed out in a line that seems to be moving too slowly.)

The flight to Mexico City was wonderful. It was maybe half full, and as a result we got an exit row all to ourselves. I did some more reading (Matter by Iain Banks, which I recommend to anybody who enjoys sci-fi), and some more hacking on my PICO-8 project, which so far is a game of Pacman. You can check my progress below. Most mechanics are working, but the game doesn’t end when it’s supposed to. But it was really fun to focus on a small project in a simple system with no real requirements on any of it.

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