The SARS-CoV-2 virus is sweeping across the world, causing the COVID-19 disease everywhere. I made a page to graph what’s going on in each country, for easy side-by-side comparison. Check it out at

Connecting to Mitsubishi Heat Pump CN105

I got a Mitsubishi Heat Pump, which has pretty limited thermostat options, so I decided to build my own thermostat. There’s some basic connectivity info as well as a library that talks the protocol but I couldn’t find a ton of specific information on how to make the physical connection. I used the following parts: JST PAP-05V-S housing JST SPHD-002T-P0.5 contacts Tensility 30-00394 4 stranded conductor 26AWG wire IWISS Crimping Tool This crimp tool is definitely not the correct one for these contacts, but I managed to make it work.

Budget Stall Bars

I’ve been following the Gymnastic Bodies for a few months, and decided I needed some stall bars to help me with the thoracic bridge stretch video, where it’s used to provide support and handholds at a variety of heights. There are many other uses for stall bars, but I’m not there yet. They’re quite expensive to buy, but look pretty simple to build. How hard can it be?