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Our last day in Amman was mostly taken up by traveling. We took a taxi to the City Station where Royal Jordanian lets you check in your luggage 5 hours before your flight. Then we spent some time at a coffee shop, and then at Pizza Hut before boarding a shuttle bus to the airport. At the airport we again bumped into to a family we'd seen in Egypt and other places in Jordan. They had tickets for the same flight that we were on, but they weren't aware that you can't buy an Indian visa as you arrive at the airport. We didn't see them again once we'd gone through security so presumably the airline hadn't let them check in. Randy, Kathryn, Sharon, John, if you're out there let us know how you guys got on.

For us, getting through security and everything was very easy. I used the free wifi to check on the status of our airport pickup in Delhi, but unfortunately there was no reply. Then we got to board into a seating area, before we got to actually board onto our plane about 8pm. The flight was good, even if we did acquire the promised red eyes. The food was nice, I had plenty of legroom, and the chairs were comfy. Best of all, the flight was only 5 hours or so. We landed in Delhi tired and paranoid because of what we'd read on the Internet about scams. It turned out to not be a problem. Passports and luggage involved some waiting but nothing more.

There was nobody waiting to pick us up at 5am. I used the pay phone to call the hotel who confirmed there was nobody waiting for us, but gave me some extra directions to repeat to a taxi driver. The pay phone even took my big cash bills because there was a person there instead of a slot that you put coins into. We got the prepaid taxi, and the driver took us straight to our hotel without any of the shenanigans we'd read about. We did get our first taste of India, as the cab swerved rapidly between buses, vans, taxis, tuk-tuks, bicycles (without lights) and pedestrians. Stopping in front of our hotel, he bumped into a dog who was hogging the parking spot at the hotel's door.

The Legend Hotel was really clean, staffed by a small army, and our room was warm enough. It wasn't heated but even in winter here it is not necessary. So we slept a while.