This blog entry almost didn't get written. A few weeks ago I decided it'd be
fun to have a blog. I've been reading a lot of them (most the ones linked by
Tri-Geek Dreams) and the idea
appeals to me. Plus, I figured it'd improve my writing some, and it would give
me something to read a few years from now, to see what I was like.

But it's really hard to keep it up. Writing does not come easy to me. I am not
overflowing with ideas that other people might care about. I can't even make
my self-imposed deadlines (one entry by Thursday, then another by Sunday). And
nobody reads the blog. I'm not quite ready to say that's because I'm boring,
but that's a real possibility. I can think of a ton of reasons
just to pack it in.

That is a lot like exercise, really. It doesn't matter to anybody but me
whether I do a workout or not. Nobody checks, and if I stopped exercising most
people wouldn't notice. There's always plenty of reasons to skip a workout,
and only two rational reasons to do it. The first is to be in "good enough"
shape for some future event. The second is for general health reasons. There's
an irrational extra reason, though. I feel better about myself if I do the
work out. Not just because I'm healthier, but because I'm doing something
that's hard. That exact reason is also why I'm up now writing this entry. I
told myself I was going to do it, and I'm going to stick with it. Once I've
completed the triathlon, then I will let myself re-evaluate whether to
continue blogging regularly or not.