This morning I biked to work (12 miles) for the first time in quite a while. I
still took it fairly easy, keeping my cadence high. (A crucial part of that is
to not have your bike computer show you how fast your going. Having the
average speed showing is even worse.)
It was a pleasant surprise to see I averaged 17.1 mph on the way in. Since I
was "training," my thoughts naturally were on the upcoming triathlon. About
every race report I've read mentions lead feet after T2. To experience this I
decided to tack a mini-run onto the end of my ride.

After parking my bike outside my office, I went on a short jog through the
building. The first thing I noticed was that I was very bouncy. I was trying
to run just an easy jog, but my legs were raised way up high. It seems that
biking temporarily transforms my calves into extra-springy bionic
super-springs. Before I really had time to think about it, I reached a corner
which I took. The next hazard was the lobby, whose hardwood floor seemed scary
to my sock-wearing feet. A careful stride carried me across safely. I rounded
the next corner and pondered my calves some more. At the next corner was an
office with its lights on. I quickly decided to risk the odd stares one might
get when you're jogging in the halls of an office building, wearing your
finest jersey, bicycle shorts, and socks. The office turned out to be empty.
Two more corners and I reached finish. Just in time, because my hamstrings
start to hurt a little bit. Perhaps next time I'll try 2 laps to see what
that is all about.