Traveling Around the World: Logistics
setf/setaf or how to portably add colors to your prompt
Back in the US of A
M.V. Hanjin Pretoria
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Way Home
La Paz again
Madidi National Park
San Miguelito
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Wildflower Pictures
PotW: Fall Canyon
PotW: Reflection
PotW: Burnt
PotW: Waiting
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Get Up Early To Nap In The Afternoon
Homemade Squat Stands
The Next Step
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For Sale: 1996 Nissan Maxima SE
San Francisco 48ers
WorldMark (formerly Trendwest) Sales Pitch
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Convert pycairo ARGB32 surface to PIL RGB image
Using xlsclients to launch programs once from a window manager config
To the Stars
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Connecting to Mitsubishi Heat Pump CN105
Budget Stall Bars
Arduino Control Of Alton Brown Smoker
Homemade Squat Stands
Phun: Clock with Balls
Virginia Tech Shooting in Context
I Officially Have No Civil Rights
How To Get Out Of Iraq
I Have No Civil Rights
San Francisco Half Marathon
<strike>Swim</strike> Run, Bike, Run
15th Annual Ojai's Classic Heart & Sole: 10k race result
15th Annual Ojai's Classic Heart & Sole: 10k race
Oregon Pictures