Topo Software

This is a very unorganised rant on what I would like what my topo software to do. Maybe some day I'll get round to writing something that does this. I own a copy of National Geographic's TOPO! for California. It's nice to have all the topo maps accessible, to draw routes on it, to get elevation profiles, and to have it talk to my GPS. But the user interface is awful.

15th Annual Ojai's Classic Heart & Sole: 10k race

I just finished my first 10k (and second race) at the 15th Annual Ojai's Classic Heart & Sole. Danielle and I got up at 6:30, and out the door just before 7. We easily found a parking spot close by. We comfortably picked up our stuff, used the restrooms, and warmed up just a little and stretched. We lined up near the back since our main goal was just to finish.