Don't Pick At Your Cuts!

So we had a pretty stressful time last night. From the beginning: Barbara went in to have 3(!) small tumors removed yesterday. Because the last time she took her surface stitches right out, the vet didn't put any in this time. She just put stitches inside the wound, and used some kind of glue on it. I picked Barbara up from the vet on the way home from work, and she seemed healthy, curious, and ready for some treats.


There are a lot of traditions surrounding getting married, and I don't care for most of them. The honeymoon is the best one of the lot, although it only barely edges out the first dance because it's a lot more expensive. I think of our honeymoon as having started at the wedding itself. Wind back to July 10, 2005, a date that has been burned into my memory much more effectively than my phone number.

Delaying E-mail

I want to be able to delay e-mail that's in my inbox. I would use this for e-mails that I need to deal with later. So I'll click the delay-1-hour button and after 1 hour the e-mail's "New" flag gets set again. That's much more efficient than marking it red which is what I do now, because I will be forced to read the e-mail again when it becomes new again.