Biking Safely

An friend pointed me to a site with some very graphic pictures (really, don't click if you have a weak stomach), telling me to be sure to wear a helmet when I bike. I always wear a helmet, but it got me thinking about one of my pet peeves. When I'm out on the street around here, I see a lot of people on bicycles. That's good, I think the bicycle is an underused vehicle in the United States.

Beautiful Run

Thanksgiving seems to make everybody post lists of what they're thankful for. Instead, I will just describe all the good things about today's run, and state that I'm thankful for everything that made that run happen (which is a lot of things). Late in the afternoon I stepped out the door into cool evening air. I walk a short distance on a reasonably quiet street, past a school. Turn at the quaint

My First Brick

This morning I biked to work (12 miles) for the first time in quite a while. I still took it fairly easy, keeping my cadence high. (A crucial part of that is to not have your bike computer show you how fast your going. Having the average speed showing is even worse.) It was a pleasant surprise to see I averaged 17.1 mph on the way in. Since I