Bananas Foster

Yesterday we spent cooking dinner for my parents-in-law, as their Christmas gift. For my wife's stepfather we cooked split pea soup, and NY strip steak. At a the Bel Air Meat Market we bought the nicest looking steak I've ever seen, and from what I hear it tasted as good as it looked. For her mom we made salad and salmon that looked as good as the steak. For the dessert I made them both Bananas Foster.

Being Good

He sees you when you're sleeping. He knows when you're awake. He knows when you've been bad or good, So be good, for goodness' sake. I'm being good this Christmas (so far). I was going to find a pool yesterday and swim. I wimped out on that, but I did a yoga DVD last night. On top of that I'm also blogging now, and I just plotted a running route on Gmaps Pedometer.


A while back I started doing yoga. One of the benefits of working where I do is that there is a free yoga class twice a week. The class is usually small (5 people or so), and our instructor is excellent. I really couldn't ask for a better setup. Our class starts with a warm-up, then some more challenging poses, some core work, some stretching, and finally savasana. (That's roughly how it goes.