Ocean Swim

I had this all written up, and then Firefox crashed. Anyway, I went for an ocean swim yesterday. Here are the highlights: My wetsuit works. Swimming in the ocean sucks. It's cold, there's waves hitting you high, while rocks take you low. To top it off the water tastes even worse than pool water.

Seven Little Things

Here are seven little things I've enjoyed during the past week: Monday: The powerful feeling of biking through the elements. Tuesday: Swam 50 yards in just 1:03! Wednesday: Yoga makes me wonderfully sore. Thursday: What sounded like hundreds of frogs on my run, going quiet one by one as I pass them. Friday: Biking flat and fast. What's more fun than that? Saturday: Swam 1000 yards of continuous freestyle.

Be A Fish

On Saturday I went to swim in the ocean, just to get used to it. It turns out that the ocean is very cold in January and, worse, it'll only be 2 degrees warmer in March. I braved the cold ocean wearing only a thick cap and a thin paddling shirt. I was out after 5 minutes, mostly because it was too rough to (safely) do any real swimming. I discovered that surf doesn't scare me, so that was nice.