MV Hanjin Pretoria

I know I'm way behind on my blogging. I will finish it up, I promise. Anyway, tomorrow or the day after that we'll be boarding MV Hanjin Pretoria. It's a giant container ship that will arrive in Long Beach on Jne 3 (we hope). If the Internet works well, you can check up on where we are at this site. A different port-based view is here.

Tabaco, Naga, Manila

Typed up at: Internet cafe in Solana Posted from: Internet cafe in Solana After our week relaxing on the beach, we felt ready to relax a little bit in a place with AC, TV, and Internet. We just spent one night in Tabaco and then took an AC bus to Naga. Naga is a college town, a bit bigger, and has all the comforts that rich Filipinos and tourists enjoy.


Typed up: on the ferry from San Andres to Tabaco, at Banaue View Inn in Banaue Posted from: Internet cafe in Banaue In Tabaco we woke up early to make it onto the 7am ferry (which left at 7:30 or so). The ferry brought us to San Andres on the island of Catanduanes. We took a jeepney to Virac. At one point I would've described that jeepney as bursting full.