Traveling Around the World: Logistics

Perhaps you're inspired by this blog to go traveling for a while, or you're just curious what it would take, or maybe you're already planning a trip, or you suffer from severe insomnia. In any case, I thought some people might be interested in what we did to prepare for our trip. First off, we got a lot of our info from "The Rough Guide to First-Time Around the World.

setf/setaf or how to portably add colors to your prompt

There are a million pages on the web that describe how to make your bash prompt nice and colorful. Most just hard-code the color sequences, which can break if you use a weird terminal. Until today I used some clever code I stole from somewhere that used tput to get the color codes from the termcap/terminfo database. Today I learned that there are two "standard" capabilities for setting colors: setf and setaf.

Back in the US of A

Typed up: on plane to Boston Posted from: Jane and Tom's place in Boston Back "home," we've been very busy. We stayed at Andy and Juliette's place for about a week and a half visiting friends and doing chores, before driving up to the Bay Area where I had a job interview. Things looked promising, we looked at apartments, I went to another interview just in case, Danielle had an interview.